Who Is Hexel?

Ok, here’s the backstory…

In Plainfield, a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere, four teens with big dreams — MAC, KRISTA, DUSTIN, and GEORGIA — form their own band with the hopes of one day becoming stars in the biggest spectacle in the world, VOLUME PRIME, a battle-of-the-bands competition backed by superpowered musical instruments. Volume Prime stars are amongst the richest and most famous people in the world, and these teens see the band as the way towards their dreams of entering the big city and seeing their name in lights — even though their parents don’t exactly share in those dreams.

So the band is forced to practice in secret. Georgia finds the keys to her late grandfather’s mothballed recording studio, the perfect place to be inspired and practice away from the prying eyes of their families. While exploring the studio, they discover a hidden passage to an underground laboratory. They enter the lab and find an imposing, hexagon-shaped portal machine and an array of experimental Volume Prime battle instruments. In the middle of testing out the instruments, the portal machine hums to life, creating a shimmering doorway, and in a flash of energy, a girl emerges — HEXEL.

Hexel arrives in the lab with no memory of where she’s been or where she came from. All she knows is her name and that she was drawn to the sound of the band’s music. On her hands she wears sophisticated tech — a pair of electronically-wired gloves that can control Volume Prime energy in a way no one has ever seen before. When she sings her voice is like no other: the band realizes they’ve found their missing piece, a show-stopping lead singer. They agree to join together, creating a new band: FREE HEXEL

What the band doesn’t realize, and what Hexel doesn’t remember, is that she’s a huge threat to the secretive and powerful people who have monopolistic control over Volume Prime technology: The Prime Corporation. They’ll stop at nothing to protect their profit margins, their control of Volume Prime, and thus their control of all music, even if it means removing Hexel from competition permanently. Prime Corp understands that music has the power to influence and control people and they’ll stop at nothing to maintain that power. 

In their quest to battle their way up the Volume Prime charts, Free Hexel will face cut-throat competition from rival bands and idols with their own dreams, navigate shady promoters and club owners, deal with their own identity issues, and face off with Prime Agents and mad scientists seeking to capture and control Hexel’s unique powers. The higher they rise in the ranks, bringing their message of freedom to the world, the bigger a threat they’ll be to The Prime Corporation’s overlords. 

They have a dangerous road ahead of them — band practice starts NOW!